6 Best Daraz Hunting and Research Tools in Pakistan for 2024

Product Hunting or Research is the most important part for Daraz sellers. In the past, Pakistani used manual ways to find a profitable product in Daraz, which are time-consuming and difficult to find the correct product.

But Now, More tools are available for Daraz’s online shopping platform, which is specially designed for the Pakistani market that will help find low competition and profitable products using the product history, reviews, last sales, price, trends, competition, and more.

Best Daraz Hunting and Research Tools in Pakistan

With the help of that tools, You can track your product, Calculate profit Margins, grab low-competition keywords, and help with product sourcing and hunting.

In this article, We listed the 3 Best product hunting and research tools for Daraz in Pakistan.

Best Daraz Hunting and Research Tools in Pakistan

No.Product TrackProduct RankingCampaign TrackProduct Research (Keywords)Trial Chrome Extension

1. Daraz Toolkit

Best daraz product hunting tool

The Daraz toolkit is getting the first spot on our list because of its features and ease of use, and We all know after ranked the product on the first page. Then the Next goal to keep maintain the first position.

So, Where Daraz toolkit AI Technology base features specially developed for users to help in sustain Ranking.

This Tool Comes with Three Package, which is basic, professional, and enterprise. But You can also use this tool trial version to test this tool.

daraz toolkit package or plans

What Can You Do With Daraz toolkit?

With the Daraz Toolkit joker Rank Feature, You could Track your campaigns and Product, Search for low competition products Using Keyword Bank, and Check Product History and Profit margin before choosing your product.

DARAZ TOOK KIT Features List

Let’s See more about Daraz toolkit features.

Joker Rank:

It’s AI-based features that will help you track your campaign with multiple keywords and share your product positioning, whether it exists on the first page or the second page.

Product track:

Product tracking helps monitor product performance using product sales, reviews, and stocks in a single Dashboard to understand easily.

Keyword Bank:

With Keyword Bank, You can easily find related keywords and low competition products. It shows all information that You need to find your desire Product Using Product Prices, Reviews, Competing products, and FBD Sellers.

Chrome Extension:

Daraz toolkit Helping in Product and keyword hunting and Chrome Extension is specially designed for quick analysis. You can get product all information included total sell, average price, Stock info, and reviews.

Other features:

Profit Calculator in Daraz Toolkit is such a cool feature where you can calculate any product profit to understand if that product good for you.

2. Jarvis

it’s a new tool available in the market which comes with International Standard features and an improved User interface, This tool Inspired by the amazon Helium tool.

JARVIS daraz product research tool

Jarvis Comes with three packages which are basic, ultimate, and professional. Like all other professional tools, you can also use this for 7 days trial to understand Jarvis’s capability.

Let’s See more about Jarvis’s Daraz Product Hunting tool.
With Jarvis, You Can Track your Product campaign, Hunting Profitable product, Product tracking, Product history, and other product information that a Help User to rank his product.

JARVIS Plans or package

Product Hunting:

Hunting a Product in Daraz is not an easy job, but with Jarvis Product hunting Tools its Could be possible. You Can Find Low competition Products by selecting Your desire niche category and Using price and review filters to narrow our results.

Product Tracking:

Jarvis Product tracking is Design to tracking product progress, including sales, reviews, and other Metrics That Will help you understand Your Product Success.

Product Ranking:

To Rank any Product in Daraz. You first Need to Track that Product Ranking Using Jarvis product ranking Features That Help to Track Your Product Daily Progress, whether it’s Positioning down or Up in the Daraz Search engine.

Chrome Extension:

The Jarvis Daraz product hunting tool web extension is designed for a quick result, and You Understand product Competition, price calculator, and other metrics that help pick your first product.

Profit Calculator

You Can also Use the Profit calculator tool for free on Jarvis’s for manually entering product price and tax. But I Have recommending You. To use the paid version to analyze product profit, delivery, and packing charges instantly.

Jarvis profit calculator for daraz

Product Features:

Product features are one of my favorite tools to find product deep information like listing age, sales, seller info, product history, and more information about my desire product, which will help to understand whether chosen one product could rank.

Product Features Jarvis Daraz Product Hunting tool

3. Darazscout

The Last Tool In Our List For Daraz Product Research is DarazScout. The Name is similar to Jungle Scout, a top-rated tool for amazon, but here We discuss only Daraz Product Hunting tools.


So Daraz Scout Come with Chrome Extension like any other tools. You can also Check product Listing age and product details like review, price, and product history with that tool. This tool is Specially Design for product hunting, but maybe you will see more features like tracking, keyword grabbing, and ranking in the future.


DARAZ SCOUT Package or Plans


These Three tools are best for Daraz product hunting, but Jarvis and Daraztoolkit are more advanced than Darazscout.On the other hand, Jarvis’s User interface and profit calculator are more advanced than the Daraz toolkit.

Product tracking, product hunting, and product ranking Jarvis and Daraz Toolkit are best, but Darazscout is good only for product hunting.

I hope. You Like this Comparison of the three best Tools for Daraz Product hunting.

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